Leadership Development

Leadership Development

EnHansen Performance provides leadership development throughout Australia and Asia and specialises in Neuroleadership and Emotional Intelligence. EnHansen Performance is coaching and training company that works with leaders and individuals throughout Australia and Asia to transform performance using a structured coaching model, that is brain-based and solutions focused. We draw from the field of Neuroscience of Leadership.

Leadership Development is continuing to gain momentum as companies aim to lift engagement, productivity, creativity and sustainability. To ensure you are getting the best talent, a company must be an employer of choice today offering exceptional leadership.

In order for individuals and teams to prosper, leadership development is essential in developing self-leadership and emotional intelligence skills as well as skills to enhance engagement, motivation and adaptability. The field of Neuroleadership sheds light on how the brain learns, changes and adapts as well as the “why” behind many of the previously not understood challenges managers face when developing staff.

Leadership Development with the brain in mind

Leadership Development with the brain in mind

Leadership Development Training Programme: 

Neuroleadership TREAD presentations and training solutions provides the highlights field of neuroleadership for leaders. Neuroleadership refers to a new field regarding the application of findings from neuroscience to the field of leadership.

The field of neuroleadership includes research into four broad areas: decision making, regulation, collaboration and managing change.

Neuroleadership TREAD represents the five areas that allow leaders to improve performance of self and others. TREAD: Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind.

See Neuroleadership TREAD for more information.

Leadership Development at State Trustees Leadership Conference

“Kristen Hansen presented a workshop at our Specialty Fashion Group Annual Leadership Conference to 85 leaders. The topic was The Neuroscience of Leadership (NeuroLeadership TREAD). Such was her impact, people are still referring to the material presented and using it in the daily work life (and personal lives)” That is 5 months later.

Gary Perlstein CEO
Specialty Fashion Group

Leadership Development at Westpac Leadership Forum

“Kristen Hansen presented on the Neuroscience of Leadership to over 150 of our people leaders. Kristen’s presentation was engaging, informative and practical. 

Kristen was incredibly entertaining and full of energy. She was able to make complex theory simple and easy to understand whilst also applying it practically for our leaders to take back and use with their teams. The feedback from our people leaders has been exceptional with many stating that they have been able to apply much of what Kristen presented.”

Allyson Carlile

Head of HR, AFS Multibrand





Leadership Development: Neuroleadership TREAD Programme

 The neuroleadership skills I learned by attending the TREAD workshop have become an essential part of my management style at the Garvan Institute.  I gained significant insight into the effect that stress can have on individual performance and productivity, and as a result I feel I am a better leader and manager, and I am more in tune with my team and internal clients.  Other significant personal insights I gained include how emotions are contagious and importance of encouraging the “reward” state in the team.  These have all been fabulous skills to learn while operating in a competitive environment which emphasizes excellence in performance as standard.”

Christina Hardy
Director, Business Development & Legal Affairs
Garvan Medical Institute

Leadership Development Workshop (Mindfulness and PRISM)

PRISM Brain Mapping and Mindfulness with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz

Monday 20 October 2014, 2-5.30PM at Cliftons, Sydney

Gain greater success and fulfilment in your work role; Connect more effectively with your employees and clients; Create better strategies to do more of what you love and less of what causes stress!

This workshop will explore the brain and latest research in neuroscience. You will learn Dr Schwartz’ 3 step process to change your brain and eliminate unhelpful patterns and discover how you are “wired” with your own PRISM Brain Mapping Profile.

Leadership Development with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz

Leadership Development with Dr Jeffrey Schwartz

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