Neuroleadership Presentation

Neuroleadership Presentation: helping managers lead better

EmPower, Persuade and Perform with the brain in mind for Peak Performance

Kristen is well recognised and sought after to provide a neuroleadership presentation at leadership conferences. Through her extensive experience as an Executive Coach and in Sales Management her presentations cover topics around Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Innovation, Resilience, Motivation and more.

“Kristen Hansen presented on the Neuroscience of Leadership to over 150 of our people leaders. Kristen’s presentation was engaging, informative and practical.
Kristen was incredibly entertaining and full of energy. She was able to make complex theory simple and easy to understand whilst also applying it practically for our leaders to take back and use with their teams. The feedback from our people leaders has been exceptional with many stating that they have been able to apply much of what Kristen presented.”

Allyson Carlile

Head of HR, AFS Multibrand

 Neuroleadership TREAD presentation for The Helmsman Project

Neuroleadership TREAD presentation for The Helmsman Project (10 min Version)


Westpac Group


Neuroleadership presentation


Hansen 33c

“Kristen Hansen presented at our Specialty Fashion Group Annual Leadership Conference to 85 leaders. The topic was The Neuroscience of Leadership (NeuroLeadership TREAD) and it was informative, entertaining and rich with practical strategies to lift engagement, improve decision making and stress regulation as well as develop and coach others. Kristen’s style was engaging, humorous and influential and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We really benefited from understanding more about how the brain works and how we can be better leaders as a result.

What impressed us was that she was able to relate to many different levels of management in the room all at the one time keeping pace with the fast thinkers and bringing those along who needed more assistance. During all of this she never lost the audience’s attention.

Speaking on Neuroleadership at the Specialty Fashion Group Leadership Conference

Neuroleadership presentation at the Specialty Fashion Group Leadership Conference

I have to say that a day before Kristen presented she tore ligaments in her knee. She was up on stage and you would not have known she was carrying this painful injury. We would love to see what a Kristen ‘on steroids’ looks like. We got AAA output and value when she obviously was not at her best.

Such was her impact, people are still referring to the material presented and using it in the daily work life (and personal lives)”

Gary Perlstein
Specialty Fashion Group


“Kristen Hansen; dynamic, engaging and relevant. In presenting her neuroleadership session to the

Neuroleadership presentation

Neuroleadership Presentation at State Trustees Leadership Conference

State Trustees managers, Kristen unlocked a response from the whole group that I’ve not been seen before. Every person took away strategies to help them be better leaders and they are still talking about the session months later”.

John Brennan
General Manager – Strategy, Innovation & Transformation





Neuroleadership Presentation

Neuroleadership Presentation at the Sydney NeuroLeadership Summit 2013

Neuroscience of Leadership

L&D Professional Forum, Sydney, NSW

“Many thanks for the great presentation last week at Clifton’s – thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hearing you speak again in the future!”

Pierre De Villiers 

Audit Change Manager



Stress Circuit Break and Switching Off: Neuroscience sheds light

 Google, Head Office Sydney

Neuroleadership Presentation at Google for Sydney Local Interest Group

Neuroleadership Presentation at Google for Sydney Local Interest Group\


“Confident, open”
“Full of energy, very interesting”
Average of 4.7 out of 5 (5=Excellent) regarding Presentation Style
Average of 4.6 out of 5 (5=Extremely) regarding usefulness of understanding the brain




Neuroscience of Leadership and Change

Network Central Breakfast September 2013

Network Central Breakfast September 2013

“Thank you for your presentation at our Executive / Manager Workshop, it was excellent!

As you are aware, I believe that this field offers the prospect of substantial improvement in organisational (and personal) performance. Your presentation conveyed this potential in a very effective and informative way.

As the workshop continued the following day, the concepts you outlined where repeatedly raised and discussed by a range of Managers.

One of the key outcomes of our workshop is to consider ways in which we can utilise this field in our organisation.”

Luke Johnson

Deputy General Manager

Wollondilly Shire Council


L&D Professional Forum, Sydney, NSW (Following obtained from feedback forms)

“The Forum last night was the first I have attended and I have to say I loved it! Kristen was clearly passionate, knowledgeable and
keen to share her insights around the Neuroscience of Leadership.”

“The forum on Neuroscience of Leadership was very insightful and compelling. Kristen Hansen was a fantastic speaker.”

“Thank you so much for organising this great and interesting event. I heard a lot of complementary comments from participants about Kristen’s
engaging and interesting presentation when we left the session.”

“I thought Kristen was wonderful, she was such an engaging presenter. I found myself laughing without even realising it.”


Australian Human Resources Forum, Townsville, QLD

“Engaging and passionate, the highlight of the day. Very important for leadership development programs.”

“Absolutely amazing presentation. So engaging and interesting.”

“Fantastic topic and fantastic presenter style. This is a very interesting topic and makes so much sense.”

“Excellent presentation. Would like to have her present again and expand on her topic.”


Australian Human Resources Forum, Darwin, NT

“Excellent presentation and understanding of the topic with assisting in being aware of the current mood and impact on how we think.”

“Fantastic presentation and content!”

“Very good presenter, information was well received and very useful.”


Australian Human Resources Forum, Albury, NSW

“I saw your presentation yesterday in Albury and all I can say is WOW!  I learnt so much, took 8 pages of notes, and could relate to your personal stories.

I talked non stop to my husband for 3 hours last night about it, (and I am naturally an introvert).

I am really looking forward to learning more about this area, and just wanted to thankyou for re-invigorating my passion for the mind and the way people think. That was the whole reason I got into HR in the first place.


Human Resources

Local Government, Victoria


The Neuroscience of Resilience and Renewal

Cliftons Melbourne

“I was at the Clifton’s Masterclass last night and heard your presentation, which was fabulous”

Sarah Whittle

Organisational Effectiveness Manager



 “A fantastic evening. Thank you for organising these great speakers to be with us”.

Floreal Alvarez

L&D Manager

Westfarmers General Insurance


“Both speakers were well informed and very inspirational”

Leanne Ngo Learning and Development Manager



“Very informative and entertaining, enthusiastic speakers”

Simon Dutton

Manager, Operations and Service Delivery

BT Financial Group


Australian Graduate Employers Association – Annual Conference

Sydney (from attendees via survey monkey)

Presented on behalf of the Australian Institute of Management

 “This was by far the best and most useful session of the whole conference. It was

great to have an expert present a good mix of theory and practice. I would

recommend something like this session in the future.”

“I enjoyed this seminar the most out of those I attended – Kristen was hilarious

and so intelligent I loved her entire presentation and could’ve listened to her all

day! This session was very relevant to my work and my own personal life.”

“The best session of the conference. A terrific speaker who was able to take the

science, relate it to a relevant field for the audience in a manner that was easily

 understood. Fantastic.”

“Outstanding! Loads of great information presented interestingly and very

practically – I would recommend her as a keynote speaker for next year. The

information was fascinating and applicable at graduate and management level.


 “Fantastic session, providing great insight into thinking behaviours and habits and how they relate in the work place, also great value for providing techniques into

how we can break these habits. One of my favourite sessions of the week”.