Neuroleadership Products

EnHansen Performance offers corporations products that help leaders and individuals perform, handle stress and train their brain. They can be provided as part of a training series or on their own as part of a corporate well-being offer.

Discounts apply for corporations and organisations where numbers exceed 50.

My Calm Beat 

Learn how to breath at your “best” breathing rate to increase resilience, handle stress and remain calmer and healthier. If you purchase MyCalmBeat at a special corporate rate, you can access MyBrainSolutions for 90 days.


 My Brain Solutions




Over 40% of employees are stressed and most do nothing about it. My Brain Solutions provides online assessment and brain training activities that develop resilience, empathy, focus, cognitive flexibility, regulation and social skills.

EnHansen Performance offers this as part of a corporate well-being programme, leadership or personal development programme or on it’s own for employees offering group discount rates.