Neurosales Solutions

Applied neuroscience now provides sales professionals with evidenced based strategies to improve their abilities
in self management, rapport, relationships, influence and understanding around decision making – particularly in B2B


These workshops are designed over 1 day and provide the neuroscience behind advanced sales strategies to improve performance.

Sales people will learn the neuroscience of:


Personal improvement and goal achievement

How to use your brain more effectively to achieve stretch the goals and performance improvements you desire


Development for building rapport and valued relationships. Gain understanding of mirror neurons, their role in building trusted relationships.

Decision making

The important roles, two distinct areas in our brain have in this process. How to understand and influence more effectively, by understanding the real motives for purchasing.

Social motivators

Influencing whether someone will buy from you. Find out the five domains that will determine whether someone will do business with you. Each of these will be structured to develop an understanding of how the brain works and strategies to improve a sales person’s ability in each area.


Coach/Training Combination

The most effective sales transformation comes from a combination of leadership and advanced coaching. Coaching following the training allows the sales person to practise and develop skills, while being stretched and encouraged to embed them as new habits.


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