Neuroleadership TREAD: real traction in leadership development

Neuroleadership TREAD programme

Neuroleadership TREAD programme

Neuroleadership TREAD presentations and training solutions provides the highlights field of neuroleadership for leaders. Neuroleadership refers to a new field regarding the application of findings from neuroscience to the field of leadership.

The field of neuroleadership includes research into four broad areas: decision making, regulation, collaboration and managing change.

Neuroleadership TREAD represents the five areas that allow leaders to improve performance of self and others. TREAD: Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind.

“Kristen Hansen presented a workshop at our Specialty Fashion Group Annual Leadership Conference to 85 leaders. The topic was The Neuroscience of Leadership (NeuroLeadership TREAD). Such was her impact, people are still referring to the material presented and using it in the daily work life (and personal lives)” That is 5 months later.

Gary Perlstein CEO
Specialty Fashion Group – full reference below

Neuroleadership TREAD Visual Overview

Neuroleadership TREAD Visual Overview

See brochure outlining Neuroleadership TREAD model:

Neuroleadership TREAD Advantage Wheel

See brochure overview of Neuroleadership TREAD:


Neuroleadership TREAD

THINK: understand the decision making process and the innovative brain for empowering thinking strategies

showerofinsight-understand the anatomy of “thinking”, cognitive capacity, influences, the limitations of and ability to renew our thinking capacity.

– understand the brain’s overarching principle of safety and how that impacts everything

-leaders will learn how to have clearer thinking, the impacts of multi-tasking, ability to have more “insights” and creative solutions to complex problems

– leaders will understand the link between our emotions and thinking capabilities.


REGULATE and RENEW: regulate emotions, manage stress and renew your mental capacity for peak performance

Healthy happy character brain- Regulate emotions and manage stress more effectively

-Understand the impact of mental, physical and social strategies to regulate emotions and improve thinking when in stressful, overloaded or negative situations

-Understand how mindfulness improves thinking, emotion regulation and increases the functionality and flexibility in thinking. Learn simple, quick and effective mindfulness techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime and in a short space of time.

-Learn how to use “brain breaks” to renew cognitive capacity and creative thinking


ENGAGE: Tailor your leadership and motivate others by understand the strong social brain drivers

emotion-fb-Understand the social brain and why it’s so important

-Understand the social motivators in the brain and those most likely to send us into “threat” and “reward”

-Leaders will learn more about their own social motivators and how they differ from others

-Leaders will learn how to adapt their communication and style to influence and collaborate with others more effectively

-Finally leaders will understand the neural basis of emotion contagion: how their mood and emotions impact others and how to create the a strong positive leadership culture


ADAPT: Strategies to create and sustain change and improvements in self and others, individually and organisationally

manns-1-change-stock-image-250x249- Why is change so challenging yet understand our brain is wired for change

– Understand processes to make changes in your thinking, emotions and behaviours

-Understand habit formation and how to create new healthier, productive habits

-Understand the brain’s challenge with change and steps to overcome this

-How to help others accept and embrace change


DEVELOP: Develop yourself and others through brain-based coaching and feedback models

-Develop focusses on the neuroscience of brain-based coaching models

-Why is “coaching” so effective in helping others change and how it can be more effectively

– How to set and achieve goals using the full capability of the brain (both left and right hemispheres)

– Learn how to enhance people’s thinking so they are able to solve problems using their conscious and non-conscious processing

– Learn how to provide feedback that is non-threatening and more empowering

IMG_4605 (1)

Kristen Hansen presenting on “the neuroscience of Leading change” at Energex


NeuroLeadership TREAD workshop presentation testimonials

“Kristen Hansen presented a workshop at our Specialty Fashion Group Annual Leadership Conference to 85 leaders. The topic was The Neuroscience of Leadership (NeuroLeadership TREAD) and it was informative, entertaining and rich with practical strategies to lift engagement, improve decision making and stress regulation as well as develop and coach others.

Kristen’s style was engaging, humorous and influential and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We really benefited from understanding more about how the brain works and how we can be better leaders as a result.

Such was her impact, people are still referring to the material presented and using it in the daily work life (and personal lives)”

Gary Perlstein  – CEO



“Kristen Hansen; dynamic, engaging and relevant. In presenting her neuroleadership session to the State Trustees managers, Kristen unlocked a response from the whole group that I’ve not been seen before. Every person took away strategies to help them be better leaders and they are still talking about the session months later”.

John Brennan
General Manager – Strategy, Innovation & Transformation


I would just like to thank you for delivering the Neuro Leadership TREAD program and the Emotionally Intelligent Leader Courses as part of the Ambulance Service Executive Development Program. These courses have allowed me to understand how I react to different situations in the work place and given me a greater awareness of my staff’s verbal and non- verbal cues to situations at work. I have used this training with  great success when dealing with staff conflict situations and my day to day work practices to deal with stressful workloads. It has allowed me to plan my days better to ensure the work balance does not become overwhelming. These courses have also made it easier when acting up in Deputy Director roles as my interpersonal skills have improved by better understanding of how cognitively I react and deal with different situations. My staff have given me positive feedback on the positive way I deal with conflict and other situations in a positive and inclusive manner.

Your presentation style is amazing and energetic which in itself creates a great learning atmosphere. I would highly recommend your courses to any service or company that is looking to further enhance their manager’s development. I look forward to attending more courses with EnHansenPerformance.  I have also attend your Manage Self Manage Others course and was also extremely beneficial. Thanks again for delivering such an amazing group of courses.

David Koop

State Manager, Health Emergency Response Capability and Countermeasures|NSW Health Emergency Management Unit | Office of the State HSFAC

NSW Health Logo




I am pleased to voice my appreciation for the services of Kristen Hansen and her team at EnHansen Performance.

As a provider of trade services to the Mining, Transport and Construction industry we have a team of experienced technicians that have greatly benefited from Kristen’s practical approach.

Introducing the concept of Neuroscience Leadership to a team that can spot the difference between a 5/8 spanner and a 9/16 spanner at 100 yards is not something that is expected to go well!

However with Kristen’s clear explanations and interaction, our team of floor up Supervisors and Leading Hands were able to grasp, joke, identify their own and others strengths and weaknesses from a neuroscience point of view.

EnHansen Workshops and Coaching has delivered understanding results to areas of conflict, identification of triggers and ability to increase team work and improve client relations.

Rusty Russell

Managing Director

Double R




 “Thank you so much again for yesterday. The feedback from our people has been outstanding, as I am sure you can tell from their levels of engagement during your sessions. Such good, useful, practical wisdom.”

Sarah Newman

Learning, Research & Development Manager, People & Strategy




“Since we met I have continued to hold the fortnightly sessions with the team (1 on 1) and my managers are definitely starting to bring more to the table with me playing more of a support role in these sessions with only required business updates from me at the end of the meetings. We have the second strategy (engagement) session booked for June where the guys will bring their thoughts and ideas on how we operate effectively as a team and the best way for me to play my role in our journey. Probably the most difficult thing was ensuring I did not continue to intervene and finish tasks and I am definitely practising this more comfortably now and building confidence in the team to see jobs through to completion.
On a positive note my manager headed out to Central QLD with one of my team and they stated to him that there has been a definite change in the way I am engaging with them over the last 2 months. He communicated to my manager, he and others had discussed that it was a positive change so thank you again for your guidance.”

Paul Potter

Northern & Eastern Regional Operations Manager, Depot & Logistics, BP Australia

Mary Lemonis

Vice President, Human Resources Asia Pacific, Campbell’s Arnott’s, Australia

Neuroleadership TREAD Licensed Practitioners:


Excited to welcome our first “Neuroscience of Leadership TREAD” licensed practitioners!