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Neuro Marketing – The new science of human desicion making

Recent studies show that the average consumer receives nearly 10,000 selling messages a day. Yet how many of these messages successfully reach the part of the brain that decides?
Neuromarketing merges neuroscience with marketing to help target the part of the brain that drives buying decisions: the reptilian brain. This new science will help you create messages your customers will finally notice, understand, remember and value over those of your competitors! Neuromarketing now returns millions of hits on search sites. You can no longer ignore it, especially in tough market conditions!









EnHansen Performance has partnered with SalesBrain, the world’s first neuro marketing company, in delivering powerful insights through interactive workshops and training.

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 Personal Case Study using SalesBrain strategies for my presentations to AHRI Leadership Conferences

Uncover the secrets to the buying brain

As a self-proclaimed “NeuroLeadership Nut”, I am fascinated by how the field also sheds light on selling and influencing others. Neuromarketing has been around a while and it also provides insights about the buying brain. As the Australian partner for SalesBrain (a US based company that specialises in improving in persuasion skills), I was fascinated to learn that despite 20 years in Sales and Sales Management, many of my presentations and sales pitches were missing my potential clients “buy-button”.

Many of us craft a presentation around the facts, who we are, what we offer and how we can help provide a solution for our client. However, we are still aiming to “sell” to the cognitive part of the brain – the rational, logical part,  that has very little processing capacity. Meanwhile, the emotional, visual, more spontaneous part of the brain has switched off!

SalesBrain have summarised many years worth of neuromarketing research into a “neuromap” that highlights how we really should be selling. It outlines the three brains (new, middle and reptilian) and which is in charge of what when it comes to making decisions, the mistakes people make (endlessly in presentations!), 6 stimuli that deliver the message right to the heart of the decision making part of the brain and the 4 steps to persuasion.

Realising, I was making many fatal sales errors in my own presentation to HR managers at the AHRI Conferences, I altered my presentation based on these principles over a couple of hours and my the feedback and business results increased by over 30%. The content, offer and main messages did not change. How I delivered it, what I focussed on, the language I used, the order I presented and how I started and finished were very different.

The 6 stimuli in particular were helpful. I spoke more to the self-centred brain, used “you” a lot more. I contrasted the before and after results these people should expect in clear statements and made the presentation far more tangible in very simple ways. The buyers brain needs also emotion and visual stimulus to be moved to action and while we know this concept as sales people, actually changing our presentations to deliver this accurately takes a little more science. Finally, my beginning and end were where the focus of my messages were, in VERY simple terms. The old KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid!) has been proven by neuroscience. While the concepts are easily understood, the application of them can sometimes be forgotten or not done well enough – a token joke at the beginning for example is not enough to move a buyers brain. A cocktail of emotions is ideal.

Persuasion is a fine art but getting the technique right can have incredible results. We need to get out of our heads to get into others! We need to understand the buyers brain to really influence others to enable them to see how we can help them.

Below are the feedback summaries of my presentation to Darwin AHRI on average 60-70% ranking of “Excellent” and then after a weekend of reading SalesBrain and implementing the recommendations to my presentation – the results of my presentation in Townsville which generated over $80,000 in revenue with 100% ranking of “Excellent”. (Note the Townsville responses are 2 pages later in document).