Mindfulness increases leadership abilities  

bstn275lEnHansen Performance offers Mindfulness training for managers.

Neuroscience studies verify that mindfulness practices provide space for leaders, in their overstretched and overburdened days, to see past their own filters.  They receive valuable real-time information to support conscious, well informed choices to solve problems effectively.  In the constant onslaught of change, leaders are called upon to respond quickly.

 Mindful leaders do so with a wide lens of perspective and provide innovative solutions which are executed with empathy and compassion.   They have increased creativity, decreased burnout and enjoy work more than their less conscious counterparts.





Fiona Woodward – Mindfulness Workshops

Fiona WoodwardFiona Woodward facilitates mindfulness training for EnHansen Performance in corporate, community and health services.   Her experience spans the fields of leadership and personal development, coaching, psychometric assessments and counselling.  She combines her professional background with qualifications in positive psychology, business management, human resources and holistic care to provide insights for optimal performance.  



Gillian Coutts – The Potential Project (Mindfulness)

Gillian_Coutts_croppedGillian has over 20 years experience as a leader and change agent in the sales and operations functions of large corporations. Shehas worked across a range of industries including retail, government, transport, oil and gas, and human services.

She is a non-executive company director and consults in change management, leadership and business development.

Gillian is passionate about embedding evidenced-based mindfulness practices into daily organisational life. She views mindfulness as key to help individuals, teams, organisations and boards perform at their best, improving wellbeing, efficacy of decision making and productivity.

Gillian is a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness and is an accredited trainer with the Potential Project and facilitates with Enhansen Performance.

Gillian’s intimate understanding of the challenges and dynamics of organisational life come through her experience in both line leadership and program director roles. Gillian has driven operational efficiencies, product development and innovation, cross cultural collaboration, new systems and processes, and increased customer satisfaction through targeted interventions.

She is a strategic yet pragmatic thinker, and an excellent facilitator. Gillian has held fiscal and resource accountabilities for budgets of over AU$50M and teams of more than 100 people. Gillian holds a degree in Economics, and graduate diplomas in Counseling (performance psychology) and Operations Research/Statistics. She is dedicated to creating the space for increased capacity and performance, and is constantly seeking further insight to enable people and organisational systems to perform at their best.

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