PRISM: Know and Prime Your Brain for Peak Performance

schwartz photo hi res_02Coming in 2015 to Australia

Join Dr Jeffrey Schwartz and Kristen Hansen as you learn more about your brain and how to make the most of it.

PRISM Brain Mapping, the world’s first online neuroscience based assessment will provide your with your unique brain map that describes your brain’s preference, shows your strengths and opportunities, career and work preferences and a whole lot more.

Dr Jeffrey Schwartz, a world expert on neuroplasticity will teach you a powerful 3 step process to change your brain to eliminate unhelpful patterns and develop your potential.

Join us for this interactive, insightful, brain-based workshop in Sydney. Please Contact Us to register your interest in this workshop.

“The PRISM 360 process is the ultimate in depth profiling instrument. This sophisticated neuroscience-based tool and report provided my team and myself with the most comprehensive range of information about our individual behavioural preferences and what competencies were being under utilised or being over compensated. The impact being that this did not allow individuals to perform at their best.  The 360 process has not only raised our individual awareness giving each and everyone of us the opportunity to continue to grow and develop but has also allowed us to better understand how as a team (through a facilitated workshop) we can leverage our strengths to get the most of our selves and the people we lead and influence. The output of the PRISM 360 is powerful in how it breaks down information by clearly articulating what motivates and drives an individual as well as what turns them off and puts them in a ‘threat’ state rather than a ‘reward’ state.

I have been amazed and highly impressed in how Kristen works and been able to quickly identify and extract the key ‘road blocks’ stopping myself and my team from going from ‘good to great’ in order to deliver extraordinary performance, increasing our awareness and coaching us so we can fulfill our potential.”

George Roberts
General Manager – Depots & Logistics
BP Australia