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NeuroTREAD One Day Workshop

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NeuroPerformance for Women – A Brain New You, Sydney, 19th August 2015


On Friday 19 Aug, Kristen Hansen led a one-day workshop for NeuroPerformance for Women – A Brain New You. With an intimate room of 33 women, Kristen explored goal achievement and peak performance utilising the latest neuroscience research on how to clarify your goals, change your brain and achieve your outcomes.

Kristen also explored the concept of neuroplasticity and sharing the mindset, habits and personal productivity secrets on how to wire your brain for success. Participants rated the workshop 4 to 5 out of 5.

Watch out for our next workshop on NeuroTREAD: The Neuroscience of Leadership, Sales and Performance on Friday 18 November, 2016.


Pictures from Neuroleadership Interest Group meeting in Sydney, 19th Oct 2015

Dr. Sarah McKay in her talk about Neuroplasticity


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Kristen Hansen speaking about Neuroleadership update

After a brief hiatus, we are excited to relaunch the “Neuroscience of Leadership Interest Group” Meetings. Kristen Hansen from EnHansen Performance will be joined by two neuroscientists, Dr Diane Harner and Dr Sarah McKay, for an evening of networking, discussion and insights into the neuroscience of leadership and performance.

Date & time: Monday, 19th October 2015, 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Location: Clifton’s, Sydney, NSW

Presentation topics:

Kristen Hansen: “Neuroleadership Market update: What’s hot and what’s not discussion.
Plus GROW-WISE the Brain-based model for effective coaching”

Dr Sarah McKay : “Neuroplasticity: can you rewire your brain?”

Dr Diane Harner: “Deciding, when you know: the effect of bias on decision making”

Neuroleadership TREAD Open Programme


Kristen Hansen was running our only 1 day “open” program the year on our Neuroleadership TREAD model (How to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind) on the 19th October 2015 at Clifton’s Sydney. Our aim is to “transform managers into agile leaders of change and performance through neuroscience”.

Key Learnings from the TREAD Workshop will include:

THINK: Understand core brain functions and what impacts decision making, problem solving and peak mental performance

REGULATE: Understand the brain’s emotional triggers and how to regulate emotions, manage stress and build resilience.

ENGAGE: Learn the key to enhanced engagement, understand the brain’s social motivators, and how to effectively motivate teams.

ADAPT: Understand the brain’s resistance to, and capability of, change (neuroplasticity) and how this applies to leading through change and developing change in others.

DEVELOP: Understand the keys to the brain’s ability to learn and develop. We will focus on our GROW-WISE model for effective goal setting and feedback through brain-based coaching.

With this model and it’s iterations, we have transformed over 3,000 managers into agile leaders throughout Australasia (Clients include Telstra, Macquarie Bank, Westpac, BP, Telstra, Allianz, Arnott’s Campbell’s, Vic Roads,TMR-Qld and Melbourne Water).

Suitable if you are consultant, trainer, or coach wanting to be informed and updated on the field of neuroleadership or working in corporate and keen to learn the key strategies to transform your own or others leadership. This workshop provided a proven model for understanding and applying neuroleadership for high performance.

This open programme was followed by the Neuroleadership Interest Group Meeting (pictured above).



Neuroscience for HR and Leadership Webinar, 7 April 2016, 11 AM AEST

Kristen Hansen, CEO and founder of EnHansen Performance, will be launching an HR Daily webinar on how major organisations have applied neuroscience to improve people skills and resilience, as well as the EnHansen Performance main training programme, TREAD: Think-Regulate-Engage-Adapt-Develop.
When: Thursday 7 April 2016, 11am-12.30pm AEST (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne time)
Where: Watch the webinar on PC or Mac, or on a smart phone or tablet via the GoToWebinar app (broadband required). To test your webinar connectivity, click here.

Can’t make it on the day? Sign up anyway, as all registrants will have access to a recording of the event, including question time, regardless of attending.

Casual attendees: $95.00 (AUD GST inc)
HR Daily Premium subscribers registers for FREE

For more info, please visit:
Also please check out Kristen’s recently posted article, “Effective Leaders Know Their Own Brains”, on HR Daily here.

The National Public Sector Learning and Development Evolution Conference 2015


Kristen Hansen was speaking on “Using the principals of neuroscience to enhance Learning and Development effectiveness” on 13th October as part of The National Public Sector Learning and Development Evolution Conference 2015 in Crowne Plaza, Canberra.


CSE 2015 Sales Management and Enablement Summit


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.27.41 pmKristen Hansen was speaking with Craig Griffin, Sales Effectiveness Manager at Macquarie Bank, about how they have implemented a brain-based coaching Programme to improve the effectiveness of their Sales Outperformance programme, at the CSE 2015 Sales Management and Enablement Summit.



Learning and Development Masterclass

Kristen Hansen was speaking on Neuroscience in 2015: Brain, mind, and workplace education at the Learning and Development Masterclass by Human Capital Magazine on 2nd December 2015 in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney.














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