Neuroleadership Training

Neuroleadership Training: Empower, Persuade, Perform with the brain in mind

EnHansen Performance is a coaching and training company that specialises in neuroleadership training, providing leaders and individuals strategies to transform performance utilising the latest neuroscience research.

If you want to get higher engagement and commitment from your teams to company objectives, introducing coaching skills to your leaders will transform the performance levels substantially.

EnHansen Performance offers: Coaching Services and Training & Workshops.

Enhansen Performance draws on the Neuroscience of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence research to provide managers with tangible facts and strategies on becoming an effective leader, producing high performance teams.

The founder, Kristen Hansen has spent more than 15 years in corporate sales management roles and the last 10 years as a coach, trainer and facilitator. Kristen is completing a Masters in Neuroscience of Leadership with Middlesex University and draws on this as a coach, trainer and speaker to address the following:

  • Leadership development: Neuroleadership TREAD, how to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop
  • Peak Leadership Performance – how to really succeed in leading others
  • Successful Thinking – strategies to think more creatively and effectively
  • Stress and Emotion Management – lead teams with calm brilliance
  • Coaching for Managers – turn your managers into coaches for improved team performance
  • Emotional Intelligence Development – strategies to build leadership capabilities Sales Leadership and the brain – how do we use what we know about the brain to create high performing sales teams (Genos Self, Leadership, 360 assessments)
  • PRISM Brain Mapping – understand your brain’s preferences, build your self-awareness, team effectiveness and development
  • EnHanse Your Personal Performance – how to think differently by understanding the brain, to get very different outcomes
  • Team Development – understanding team members to create success dynamics
  • SalesBrain – Learn the keys to persuasion by understanding the brain
  • Understand Your Clients Thinking to Make More Sales – Behaviour and Brain-based strategies to improve sales capabilities.
  • Pursuing Passion – ultimate performance and happiness comes from discovering and following your passions.
  • Mindset and Goal Setting – primarily for teenagers and young adults