Neuroleadership Training and Presenting Testimonials

NeuroLeadership TREAD Training Programme


“The Leadership Program delivered specifically for DJR IMES senior Management and Directors has had a major transformation on the business. My goal upon approaching Enhansen Performance was to create a coaching culture and a high performing team and to begin at the top with our Leadership group who have led the way. The group embraced the training and 1:1 coaching with Kristen and found it highly valuable and positive both on an individual level and more broadly in the workplace.

Completing the PRISM at the beginning of the 10-month program and then again at the end was ideal and each Leader was able to see clearly the improvements and knowledge gained and put into practice in that time. Learning the TREAD model and using the GROW wise tool with staff daily and in everyday life has had a significant impact on our business and we have seen more resilient and confident leaders.

Kristen has made a big contribution to our workplace and has helped shape our Leaders and ready them for future change and improvements in a practical yet effective way and we have senior Leaders who are working more cohesively and more motivated every day because of it.

I am looking forward to working with Kristen again in May for our train the trainer program with a group of staff becoming experts on ‘Coaching’ and being trained to facilitate this program in-house in future so that we can continue to improve our goal of creating a coaching culture!”

Bardha Beluli
Senior Business Partner, Infringement Management & Enforcement Services

Dept Justice and Regulation 2015



“Kristen Hansen presented on the Neuroscience of Leadership to over 150 of our people leaders. Kristen’s presentation was engaging, informative and practical. 

Kristen was incredibly entertaining and full of energy. She was able to make complex theory simple and easy to understand whilst also applying it practically for our leaders to take back and use with their teams. The feedback from our people leaders has been exceptional with many stating that they have been able to apply much of what Kristen presented.”

Allyson Carlile
Head of HR, AFS Multi brand




“Kristen is a world of knowledge in the neuroscience space. Her passion and energy for the subject alongside her sales leadership experience in corporate settings brings together practical take-aways for leaders in applying the concepts. I would highly recommend Kristen for future training in this space. Kristen’s session with Westpac AFS leaders received positive feedback, the leaders enjoyed the balance of the proven brain science concepts along with the practical leadership learnings.”

Teresa O’Brien
HR Manager




Neuroscience of Performance Management

Kristen’s presentation on how to approach staff to get the best out of them was powerful. She struck just the right balance of science, humour and pragmatic suggestions. Understanding how to approach difficult conversations can be a lifetime’s work, so having the frame of neuroscience in which to practice this provides for a very practical and useful approach.

Dr. Tahnya Donaghy
Executive Director, Strategic Policy




The Neuroscience of Productive Performance Discussions

“Ms Hansen gave us a fascinating insight into this emerging science and gave particular focus on ensuring employees work to their fullest potential by ensuring they are in a ‘reward state’.  Ms Hansen was passionate and engaging and the general consensus of the audience was that they would have like more time to explore the concepts she presented to us.

Grant Stevens APM
Deputy Commissioner
SAPOL cmyk Convrtd-vertical-stacked





“Kristen Hansen presented at our Specialty Fashion Group Annual Leadership Conference to 85 leaders. The topic was The Neuroscience of Leadership (NeuroLeadership TREAD) and it was informative, entertaining and rich with practical strategies to lift engagement, improve decision making and stress regulation as well as develop and coach others. Kristen’s style was engaging, humorous and influential and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We really benefited from understanding more about how the brain works and how we can be better leaders as a result.

What impressed us was that she was able to relate to many different levels of management in the room all at the one time keeping pace with the fast thinkers and bringing those along who needed more assistance. During all of this she never lost the audience’s attention.

I have to say that a day before Kristen presented she tore ligaments in her knee. She was up on stage and you would not have known she was carrying this painful injury. We would love to see what a Kristen ‘on steroids’ looks like. We got AAA output and value when she obviously was not at her best.

Such was her impact, people are still referring to the material presented and using it in the daily work life (and personal lives)”

Gary Perlstein




“I wanted to take the opportunity to provide you with some feedback on the recent workshop you ran at our Station Officers Conference. I was lucky enough to have taken one of your courses as a manager and I was able to identify with what you were saying instantly. I had always felt that when confronted with a stressful or difficult situation that it was always best to think before responding.

The Neuroleadership lectures not only supported this intuition but gave me the science and underpinning knowledge on how to utilise that instinct to achieve the best outcome, for both myself and others. Neuroleadership TREAD and the Thinking component was what resonated most with me and the rest of my team. Realising and everyone did, why the Amygdala has such an impact on people responses and the overpowering influences it has on the Pre Frontal Cortex. The simple explanations and examples resonated with everyone and they become aware of why some people respond the way they do in particular situations. Knowing how to anticipate how someone may respond and giving them an opportunity to process the issue rather than making them feel obligated to respond straight away.

Having already undertaken a course with Enhansen I appreciated the adaptation that was undertaken to deliver a tailored course to Station Officers rather than Senior Managers. The team was tremendous to work with and appreciated the unpredictability of emergency services crew availability verses our obligations to service delivery. 

I liked it so much that I secured funding to run the course. My Station Officers believed that it was the best course that we had ever put on for them. Of the 30 frontline managers that participated in the course they all had overwhelming positive feedback for both the content and the presenter. They also indicated that it is something that should be made available to all staff but especially the Station Officers and above. Given the changes that we were going through at the time it was considered and still is considered a phenomenal course. The neuroscience behind the responses to change and how to best accommodate that is something that all leaders will benefit from. Kristen is an engaging presenter and was really well received by the managers, especially the passion for the subject.
This was an incredibly empowering course and would recommend to anyone to
undertake and definitely provide for developing their leaders.”

Wayne McKenna
Superintendent, Zone Manager | North Coast Sector




“The Neuroleadership awareness is the new thinking that I will be applying in my day to day work”

John Karayannus
General Manager – Print, Graphic, Rendering Division, CISRA
Canon logo2


“The Neuroleadership training provided to our NSW management team was extremely valuable. Kristen Hansen is a very engaging presenter, who was able to easily relate with each team member. The training provided practical knowledge on how to change our behaviours, be more aware of our own preferences in leadership style and practical tools on how to engage our people.

I strongly believe our team performance will improve following this training. Out of a team of 13 people, 10 advised that this was the best training they have participated in.” 

Natasha Aitken
General Manager




“I took home valuable insights from every part of the workshop and have shared them with work colleagues and family. It is rare to get a course where you learn from all components.”

“The dynamic engaging nature of the speaker – she rocks!”

“The entire session was excellent and Kristen’s ability to interact with and retain the interest of the participants, is indicative of a high standard of presentation and session that she delivered. There were many areas of content within the session that could easily be lifted and utilised within local teams and management structures. This was a great session that can be adapted to local needs and utilised almost without delay. Thanks.”

GE Healthcare, Evaluation 9.3/10





Neuroleadership TREAD Webinars


“I found the TREAD Webinars were framed well for leaders.  You really simplified a complex topic so that it was easy to digest, concepts understood and most importantly our leaders could see how the information applied to them as leaders/coaches.  The webinar format flowed well and the interaction components really allowed the participants to demonstrate their understanding of the topics covered and embed their learning.”

Suzana Katic
Learning & Development




“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, presentation was great and the content valuable and a lot of very simple things we can do to improve our leadership.”

“I made a lot of notes while Kristen was talking, TREAD  very interesting and what each letter meant very nice. I will be taking my supervisor through this and using it in my daily dealings with my crew.”

Neuroleadership TREAD Webinar participants



Neurosales Presentation – improving personal performance in sales

“We recently ran a workshop for the top 30% of sales people in our business. Highly experienced, and successful in their own right. After a three and a half hour workshop exploring the fundamentals of Neuroscience and the relationship to high performance our team were buzzing. A glimpse around the corridors of Allianz will now reveal folks going about their business efficiently, but every now and then taking a ‘brain break’, drawing some right and left handed lazy eights, and finding time for 2-5 minute ‘breathing to recharge’ moments. Thanks Kristen, a fantastic workshop with great applicability.”

Craig Hawkins
Sales Capability Consultant, Human Resources Division
Allianz logo

“I recently had the privilege of being a participant in your training seminar “Tuning your headware” at the Sales Club conference.  I wanted to say what a brilliant, informative session I found it, with simple, easy to understand outcomes that I have applied to my daily role. This has inspired me to learn more about how the brain works. Thanks again, and I hope to be part of one of your sessions again.”

Account Manager
Allianz logo

NeuroLeadership TREAD workshops, PRISM Brain Mapping and Executive Coaching


“Kristen Hansen and the Prism Brain Mapping process has made me realise that you can train your brain to do anything!”

Kalpana Gee
Head of Business Digital, Digital AFS



EnHansen Performance provided Cairns PDO Transport and Main Roads with over 30 PRISM Brain Mapping assessments during NeuroLeadership workshops for our managers and the Senior Regional Leadership team.  She had come recommended after the work done with TMR in Townsville. The workshops provided insight to each of us about how our brains work and this was powerful in understanding ourselves and others. The PRISM reports became a useful development tool for our leaders to work with to create more cohesive and effective teams. They were packed full of useful information from career development to mental toughness, emotional intelligence to strengths and areas to develop.  We found them surprisingly accurate and gave us all a universal language for understanding each other.  As a management team of predominately engineers it gave some scientific basis to the art of leadership and promoted emotional intelligence in a structured and logical way – playing to the strengths of engineers, whilst still engaging with staff overall. 

Kristen Hansen also provided Executive Coaching for the five of us in the Regional Leadership Team over 8 months. We benefited both personally and professionally and found the sessions both introspective for personal growth and cohesive in ensuring the team worked better together with shared goals.  It worked so well we continued on for a second programme. We gained cohesion as a team and a common language to communicate better with one another and our teams.  Kristen was a strong advocate of each leaders journey and the teams commitment to improving our region – she was engaging and a hard task master when required, but equally quick to support and mentor throughout the process.  I would advocate and recommend for Kristen to be engaged in other departments as well as other branches etc of TMR – she understands the leadership challenges of Government and the struggle between technical excellence and strong leadership skills.” 

Jessica Riddell
Business Development Manager

Qld CoA Stylised 2LS mono





Transport and Main Roads – Cairns


“ The neuroleadership skills I learned by attending the TREAD workshop have become an essential part of my management style at the Garvan Institute.  I gained significant insight into the effect that stress can have on individual performance and productivity, and as a result I feel I am a better leader and manager, and I am more in tune with my team and internal clients.  Other significant personal insights I gained include how emotions are contagious and importance of encouraging the “reward” state in the team.  These have all been fabulous skills to learn while operating in a competitive environment which emphasizes excellence in performance as standard.”

Christina Hardy
Director, Business Development & Legal Affairs
Garvan Medical Institute


“I would just like to thank you for delivering the Neuro Leadership TREAD program and the Emotionally Intelligent Leader Courses as part of the Ambulance Service Executive Development Program. These courses have allowed me to understand how I react to different situations in the work place and given me a greater awareness of my staff’s verbal and non- verbal cues to situations at work. I have used this training with  great success when dealing with staff conflict situations and my day to day work practices to deal with stressful workloads. It has allowed me to plan my days better to ensure the work balance does not become overwhelming. These courses have also made it easier when acting up in Deputy Director roles as my interpersonal skills have improved by better understanding of how cognitively I react and deal with different situations. My staff have given me positive feedback on the positive way I deal with conflict and other situations in a positive and inclusive manner.

Your presentation style is amazing and energetic which in itself creates a great learning atmosphere. I would highly recommend your courses to any service or company that is looking to further enhance their managers’ development. I look forward to attending more courses with EnHansen Performance.  I have also attend your Manage Self, Manage Others course and was also extremely beneficial. Thanks again for delivering such an amazing group of courses.”

David Koop

State Manager, Health Emergency Response Capability and Countermeasures| NSW Health Emergency Management Unit | Office of the State HSFAC

NSW Health Logo




“My executive coaching experience was an extremely valuable one.  I was surprised at how useful it was for me in terms of developing my own self awareness, increasing my confidence and being able to develop strategies for my ongoing professional development.  My coaching experience has made me aware of how valuable it is to make time for reflection, concentrate on positive aspects of my day, allow myself to feel proud of my achievements and actively seek feedback. These are all things that coaching has helped me develop and have become a normal part of my work.”

Alexis Davison
Manager Special Projects, Metropolitan Operations
VIC Roads




“Kristen Hansen; dynamic, engaging and relevant. In presenting her neuroleadership session to the State Trustees managers, Kristen unlocked a response from the whole group that I’ve not been seen before. Every person took away strategies to help them be better leaders and they are still talking about the session months later”.

John Brennan
General Manager – Strategy, Innovation & Transformation


Stress Circuit Break and Switching Off: Neuroscience sheds light

Google, Head Office Sydney

IMG_7611 (2)“Great presenter – gave good examples to help audience relate to”
“Confident, open”
“Full of energy, very interesting”
Average of 4.7 out of 5 (5=Excellent) regarding Presentation Style
Average of 4.6 out of 5 (5=Extremely) regarding usefulness of understanding the brain





Neuroleadership “TREAD” workshops


“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and am hoping that some Department of Treasury and Finance staff will be able to attend one of the presentations you are doing on the 18th”

Tammie Pribanic
Revenue Director, Department of  Treasury and Finance





“The Neuroleadership training that you provided has enabled me to not only be a better manager to my team, but to relate to, build rapport with and gain trust from clients.  This has been extremely useful in my work as a rehabilitation consultant as it has enabled me to get people to trust me and be honest about what they are going through and what their barriers are, which in term has allowed me to help them more effectively.”

Sally Curry
Regional Principal Consultant




“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation – and I’m using elements of it on a daily basis!”

D.Scott Gines
Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics & Campus Recreation






“Thanks for the very informative time you spent with us. The material is very relevant in my field and life in general. Hope to learn more from you in the future.”

Leonard Echessa
Region III Director, Correctional Institutions Division, Texas
Criminal Justice Texas





“I truly enjoyed meeting you and hearing your presentation. It really has offered a lot of insights to the way I think and the way I operate with people in and out of the work place. I hope to keep in touch and hopefully see your presentation again in the future when there is more than a day”

Clint Harp
Special Assistant to General Manager, Texas




 “I would like to thank you for the training which was one of my best trainings I have ever attended. Some of the other participants had the same view and we are all grateful that we had been able to attend your workshop. Very simple but very effective, two thumbs up!

I am sure that word of mouth on your workshop will spread very quickly in Asia.”

Andrew Kee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




“I believe Neuroleadership is our best hope of seeing lasting change in our leaders. Kristen’s engaging facilitation skills coupled with this exciting topic took all participants on a journey that they have fed back to me as “crucial for them in understanding their behaviour.”

Ashley Leadbetter
Senior Learning & Development Officer


“I am pleased to voice my appreciation for the services of Kristen Hansen and her team at EnHansen Performance.

As a provider of trade services to the Mining, Transport and Construction industry we have a team of experienced technicians that have greatly benefited from Kristen’s practical approach.

Introducing the concept of Neuroscience of Leadership to a team that can spot the difference between a 5/8 spanner and a 9/16 spanner at 100 yards is not something that is expected to go well!

However with Kristen’s clear explanations and interaction, our team of floor up Supervisors and Leading Hands were able to grasp, joke, identify their own and others strengths and weaknesses from a neuroscience point of view.

EnHansen Workshops and Coaching has delivered understanding results to areas of conflict, identification of triggers and ability to increase team work and improve client relations.

From my observations I found Kristen to excel in supporting people in Goal Setting. She has a great ability to help clearly establish goals and then ensure they are achieved through unwavering focus.

 Rusty Russell

Managing Director

Double R



Leadership Programs incorporating NeuroLeadership and Coaching

“At QTMB we believe that organisations don’t perform, only people do. This highlights the importance of connecting the dots between human interaction and effective leadership practices. Understanding people and the primary organising principle of the brain, equips leaders to lead with influence in order to achieve higher performance organisationally. More importantly, it assists staff to realise their full potential. The brain based coaching methodology (GROW WISE) allows for improved insights, accountability and motivation. QTMB have found the accreditation process to be  valuable in equipping our coaches and leaders with tools that will focus on applying neuroscience to leadership development, change management and brain based coaching.”

Anneline Kinnear
Talent Management Specialist, Human Resources’








“I undertook a leadership training program on ‘Leading High-Performing Teams” which Kristen facilitated. Kristen went above and beyond what the curriculum covered by highlighting the role the brain played in human interaction and how this knowledge can be leveraged to maximise performance within a team. There were some very useful takeaways I had from the program and recommend Kristen highly for any coaching sessions on leadership.” 

Venkatesh Kanchan

Engineering Manager


“Kristen was an exceptional facilitator, and I am a hard assessor. She has a great knowledge of the subject matter, presents in a professional and easy-going manner, and responds stunningly well to all manner of questions. Her acting without notice was also fantastic. Don’t lose her from your team.”

Peter McCleary
Managing Director



“Through neuro-coaching I increased my understanding about peak mental performance through neurofeedback, breathing and activation techniques. The breathing and techniques are functional and easy to infuse into your everyday working life”

Sean Joseph
Head of Loan Syndications, Australia

“My leadership and managerial capability has been thoroughly enriched by Kristen Hansen.

Kristen is an outstanding trainer with remarkable knowledge and real world experience in leadership, motivation, coaching, performance and behavioral management. Kristen provides fascinating insight by drawing on her scientific, brain-based knowledge derived from her expertise in neuroscience leadership.

If you have the opportunity to draw on Kristen’s knowledge and expertise TAKE IT!”

Steve Marks

IT Services Manager





“EnHansen Coaching – A real “Secret Weapon” in knocking down all the obstacles of achieving the goals you only dreamed of!

As a business owner, father of four, husband and human, I had much more than the usual challenges to juggle. I was luck enough to discover the benefits of working with such a knowledgeable and practical person as Kristen Hansen. 

A completely amazing transformation in my Leadership, I am now able to achieve more with less! 

  • More efficiency from staff. I discovered there was an easy way of tapping into our staffs potential, freeing my time for adapting and growing the business.
  • More effective communication with my family, I can actually talk to my teenage children. They even tell me now how lucky they are that they feel free to discuss whats happening in their lives.
  • More time for my wife and I. Now I am enthusiastic again about getting time to do the things together we used to before life got “crazy”. I have even been able to get back to my normal fitness and have been able to achieve unbelievable results.”

Terry Ibrahim
MD and owner




“Kristen was an awesome facilitator. I would recommend her to any company”

David Calvert

Team Leader




“The incorporation of neuroscience in leadership and thinking was extremely beneficial and of great interest.”

Sam Iacono
Regional Sales Manager



“I was very fortunate to be trained by Kristen as her knowledge of coaching methodologies and neuroscience is outstanding. Kristen has a remarkable way of explaining complex theory in a way which makes it real and understandable”

Lina Di Prisa
Human Resources Business Partner




“The Neuroscience was fantastic for understand more about the mind to better interact with and develop staff”

Mark Hanna
National Sales Manager
Sony Computer Entertainment





“I attended a one day training session presented by Kristen Hansen. It included strong links to our values and behaviours, and wider development programs, including how the brain works so we can better understand and motivate the people we work with”

Cuneyt Oter
National Demand Planning Manager
Coca Cola Amatil



“Since my training with Kristen on the neuroscience of Leadership, I have improved my awareness of the drivers behind the “away” and “toward” states to gain better work outcomes. I have also developed awareness regarding emotion regulation and developed different response mechanisms such as labelling and reappraisal”

 Rod Straunch Group Manager
Advertising Operations
Cumberland Newspapers


“Excellent morning. One of the best courses I have done for ages”

Paul McFarlane
Learning and Development Facilitator
NSW Ambulance



NeuroLeadership workshop (plus DiSC): TREAD workshop (Modules Think and Regulate with the Brain in Mind)

“We found the session to be very enlightening; the DISC profile we were each given, while no real surprises about ourselves, helped us understand why we may have to adjust our behaviour when dealing with opposite styles, while the Neuroscience session gave us a better understanding of how we can manage our cognitive functions more effectively.

 We gained insight into how each of us can maximise our cognitive and creative thinking ability by understanding how we can change our own behaviour and help us re-frame situations so that we deal with them more effectively should we face them again.

 Feedback from the group was that it has helped them be more resilient in the face of recurring stressors and more mindful of their reaction, helping create a more positive outcome for themselves and others.

 Kristen is a knowledgeable and professional presenter, she managed a strong group very well and provided valuable insights into each of us as individuals and as a management team. We are all looking forward to the next session.”

Marie Davis
Executive Manager, Human Resources

Baptist Church

Brain-Based Coaching

“I liked the training and the reinforcement of positive feedback. I get lots of practical info I will use immediately. I feel I need to put it into practice.”

“Kristen was very good at presenting. I would like another session to follow up. I feel re-energised to coach and set goals/I feel better equipped to have coaching conversations”

“I wish I’d done it before/earlier. The entire session was informative and with 100% take on board what I have learnt

Group Testimonials from The Impact Project – Managers Brain-based Coaching Workshop training at Macquarie Bank, Sydney

Neuroscience of Leadership

“The workshop provided at the conference utilising NeuroLeadership with an interactive format, worked well and was a good model for adult learning. Michelle was great”

Peta Irvine
Chief Executive Officer – Brisbane




Personal performance, Resilience and Influence

“Thanks again for your session on Tuesday [1st March 2016] the feedback was great. They all got a lot out of it & I found they were very engaged through the 2.5 hours.”

Jason Chan
Commercial Manager



NeuroLeadership workshop: TREAD to the Summit

“The concepts that really made an impact are the inverse relationship between the limbic system and the PFC , plus the brain training. Your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm really showed through and made Friday a highly memorable day. I look forward to learning more about the subject of Neuroleadership.”

Sue Horsfall
Aus Connextions


Emotional Intelligence Workshops 

For the past 18 months, Genos International have delivered the Enduring Impact Program for our Council. To date, almost 50 staff, ranging from senior executive to project officers, have gone through the program and we have seen an improvement in ‘other’ ratings of up to 30%.

Kristen facilitates the program for us, and she is an excellent facilitator, a great fit for our organisation.

The Enduring Impact program is so popular in our organisation that we haven’t had to advertise the last 2 programs and still filled the places with people on the wait list.”

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen
Learning & Development Specialist, Human Resources
Parramatta City Council, NSW

“Kristen is fantastic! Incredible knowledge of the subject and made the course extremely fun”

Kylie Paul
Senior Customer Care Officer

“The presentation on the neuroscience of emotional intelligence was a powerful experience for my sales team. You got them thinking about how they can be more resilient, effective and connected with their customers – great result”

Justin Melton
General Manager – Sales & Marketing




Presentations/Speaking Engagements


Neuroscience improves your business and personal success

“Kristen presents with bags of humour and panache. The content of Kristen’s presentations is exceptionally useful for your business success and also considering how to orientate your thinking for personal relationships and the happiest life. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kristen as a keynote speaker at your next business event – we’ve booked her twice at Channelzero and can’t wait to see her again!”

Mikey Taylor
CEO & Director

Neuroscience of Leadership

L&D Professional Forum, Sydney, NSW

“Many thanks for the great presentation last week at Clifton’s – thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hearing you speak again in the future!”

Pierre De Villiers 
Audit Change Manager

Neuroscience of Leadership and Change

Wollondilly Shire Leadership Conference

“Thank you for your presentation at our Executive / Manager Workshop, it was excellent!

As you are aware, I believe that this field offers the prospect of substantial improvement in organisational (and personal) performance. Your presentation conveyed this potential in a very effective and informative way.

As the workshop continued the following day, the concepts you outlined where repeatedly raised and discussed by a range of Managers.

One of the key outcomes of our workshop is to consider ways in which we can utilise this field in our organisation.”

Luke Johnson
Deputy General Manager
Wollondilly Shire Council


L&D Professional Forum, Sydney, NSW (Following obtained from feedback forms)

“The Forum last night was the first I have attended and I have to say I loved it! Kristen was clearly passionate, knowledgeable and
keen to share her insights around the Neuroscience of Leadership.”

“The forum on Neuroscience of Leadership was very insightful and compelling. Kristen Hansen was a fantastic speaker.”

“Thank you so much for organising this great and interesting event. I heard a lot of complementary comments from participants about Kristen’s
engaging and interesting presentation when we left the session.”

“I thought Kristen was wonderful, she was such an engaging presenter. I found myself laughing without even realising it.”

Australian Human Resources Forum, Townsville, QLD

“Engaging and passionate, the highlight of the day. Very important for leadership development programs.”

“Absolutely amazing presentation. So engaging and interesting.”

“Fantastic topic and fantastic presenter style. This is a very interesting topic and makes so much sense.”

“Excellent presentation. Would like to have her present again and expand on her topic.”

Australian Human Resources Forum, Brisbane, QLD

“This session was fantastic!! Kristen was very engaging and all the information she provided was very interesting and relevant. Not only did she teach us about how the brain works, but also provided us with useful techniques to help us, as well as managers and employees in the work place to deal with stressful situations and get the most out of our employees.”

“Excellent presentation – always a pleasure to hear Kristen speak! She has a great ability to take highly complex topics and make them easily digestible for any audience.”

Australian Human Resources Forum, Darwin, NT

“Excellent presentation and understanding of the topic with assisting in being aware of the current mood and impact on how we think.”

“Fantastic presentation and content!”

“Very good presenter, information was well received and very useful.”

Australian Human Resources Forum, Albury, NSW

“I saw your presentation yesterday in Albury and all I can say is WOW!  I learnt so much, took 8 pages of notes, and could relate to your personal stories.

I talked non stop to my husband for 3 hours last night about it, (and I am naturally an introvert).

I am really looking forward to learning more about this area, and just wanted to thankyou for re-invigorating my passion for the mind and the way people think. That was the whole reason I got into HR in the first place”.

Human Resources
Local Government, Victoria

Australian Human Resources Forum, Hobart, TAS

“Wow, this presentation was amazing. I was concerned going in but quickly turned the page into a brilliant presentation. Excellent speaker and highly recommended.”

“This session was brilliant!”

“Excellent session, interesting stuff, very well explained. Entertaining and engaging.”

Cliftons, Melbourne and Sydney


Keynote Speaking

“Kristen’s energy, knowledge and humour made her TREAD keynote presentation very engaging and was very relevant to my team’s discussion on being the best leaders we can be. We are looking forward to reading her book and I would highly recommend her”.

Lara Jacques
Faculty General Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


“I just wanted to say ‘thank you so much’ for an incredible evening of insights and learning! The whole Channelzero team, as well as our clients, were fully immersed in the presented information on The Neuroscience of Persuasion and found it fascinating!!

 Kristen, as a presenter, is so engaging and energetic and has a unique and clever way of making difficult and in-depth concepts easy to grasp and comprehend. This makes for an extremely valuable and inspiring presentation which makes you think long after it’s ended.

Thank you to Kristen, Lisa and the whole team for making this such an unforgettable evening”.

Sarah Carpenter
Executive Assistant


The Neuroscience of Resilience and Renewal

See invitation here

“I was at the Clifton’s Masterclass last night and heard your presentation, which was fabulous”

Sarah Whittle
Organisational Effectiveness Manager

“A fantastic evening. Thank you for organising these great speakers to be with us”.

Floreal Alvarez
L&D Manager
Westfarmers General Insurance


“Both speakers were well informed and very inspirational”

Leanne Ngo Learning and Development Manager


“Very informative and entertaining, enthusiastic speakers”

Simon Dutton
Manager, Operations and Service Delivery
BT Financial Group

Australian Graduate Employers Association – Annual Conference

Sydney (from attendees via Survey Monkey)

Presented on behalf of the Australian Institute of Management

 “This was by far the best and most useful session of the whole conference. It was

great to have an expert present a good mix of theory and practice. I would

recommend something like this session in the future.”

“I enjoyed this seminar the most out of those I attended – Kristen was hilarious

and so intelligent I loved her entire presentation and could’ve listened to her all

day! This session was very relevant to my work and my own personal life.”

“The best session of the conference. A terrific speaker who was able to take the

science, relate it to a relevant field for the audience in a manner that was easily

 understood. Fantastic.”

“Outstanding! Loads of great information presented interestingly and very

practically – I would recommend her as a keynote speaker for next year. The

information was fascinating and applicable at graduate and management level.


“Fantastic session, providing great insight into thinking behaviours and habits and how they relate in the work place, also great value for providing techniques into how we can break these habits. One of my favourite sessions of the week”.


Neuroscience of Sales/Sales Leadership incorporated into sales/leadership training

“When key account management principles were introduced with neuroscience, the relevance of both became infinitely valuable”

Scott Conchar
National Key Account Manager
Moet Hennessey Australia


“Kristen was very insightful and the neuroscience on how the brain works and why people react the way they do, opened my eyes to a new way to approach clients”

 Nelson Solinap
State Account Manager
Sony Computer Entertainment


“Understanding how our brains work, how the buyer’s brain processes thoughts and how the process affects their purchasing decisions was a real eye opener and can now be applied to the sales effort”

Amir Demiri
State Sales Manager NSW


“Without doubt, neuroscience in the next step in improving sales and understanding the motivations to purchase”

Mladen Vuksanic
Business Development Manager


“In three days Kirsten Hansen not only enlightened me to the fascinating power of my own brain, but inspired me of the potential of unlocking that of my customers.”

“Selling with out understanding neuroscience, is like trying to eat a bowel of jelly with chop sticks.”

“To only understand the Features and Benefits of your product doesn’t cut it in this new age of well informed and increasingly time poor customers. Until you can start utilising neuroscience to emotionally land your benefits where they count, you’ll never reach your full potential as a salesperson.”

Owen McDonald
Architectural Consultant



“Thanks for the stimulating Sales Coaching Excellence session, I found it really useful and am keen to put it into practise”

Loo Beng Siew
Learning and Development Manager – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sanofi aventis




Sales Management Case Study

“During a 10 week period in 2011, combining neuroscience and advanced coaching techniques, engagement levels at Manly Daily increased from 65% to 92%. Call rates increased from 12 to 17 a week and the team made budget every month in the following quarter for the first time in six months.

 I have embraced and implemented the training delivered on neuroscience of leadership and it has helped me improve my own and my team’s performance. With the current changes in the business, understanding the brain and stress has also helped me coach my team through the changes”

Rebecca Coulson
Advertising Sales Manager
Manly Daily, Cumberland Courier Newspapers



“I would highly recommend Kristen as a coach for anyone in a sales role no matter how experienced they are. She is very bubbly, attentive and adaptable to the needs of the individual and practices what she preaches. I personally have asked my Manager to set aside budget for me to work with Kristen again in the future.

I really enjoyed each session with Kristen and get a lot out of them. One of the mantras she uses with me is that “people buy from people they like”. I think in the past I thought that being the ideal rep was having all the knowledge and data to answer every question you were asked and worried that it would seem unprofessional to discuss anything outside of this.

She has given me a number of things to think about prior to, during and after each customer call. One example is to consciously ask about the customer (learn something about the family, weekend plans etc) and actually listen to the answer. This might sound silly but in the past I probably didn’t actually listen carefully because I asked the question already pre-empting the product discussion to start! Thinking about voice modulation has also been important recently given that there is a lot of information to convey about product x in some calls. Reading of emotions and acknowledging them is also something I am working on.”

Belinda Summerville
Area Business Manager