About Us

Kristen Hansen – Background

Kristen was already at a young age a “go to” person for her fellow students and spent many afternoons and eveningsHansen 33c tutoring friends in various subjects, in particular mathematics. She really enjoyed helping others and this sparked a passion that has only grown stronger as she explored the field, tools and opportunities further.

Kristen Hansen started coaching formally in 2003 and was accredited with Results Coaching Systems in 2004 and established EnHansen Performance in 2005.

EnHansen Performance offers corporate/executive coaching as well as leadership, emotional intelligence and sales training and presentation.

Kristen has extensive background from sales and leadership working for both small and large companies, such as Pacific Dunlop, Fairfax Media, News Limited and Calidad Distributors. She has worked in various roles within sales, learning and development and held many management roles in this regard. Please read more in her profile under “Kristen’s Profile” or on her LinkedIn Profile.


EnHansen Performance has worked with a range of clients, from individuals to large corporations, please see “Our Clients” or “Client Testimonials” for more details.

Kristen also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience of Leadership which has transformed the business and taken it to the pinnacle of leadership development.

EnHansen Performance partners with a number of experts and neuroscientists to develop leadership programmes utilising the latest neuroscience research and technology.