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Kicking Bad Habits…for a Brain New YOU!

“Discover a little-known method to finally living your best life without those bad habits holding you back”

(As seen on The Today Show Monday 30th 2017)


Join me for my next live event where I’ll show you:

  1. How decisions and responses are formed in the brain and how to learn ways to control them much more than you might have thought possible.
  2. How to change your brain to achieve your goals in every area of your life
  3. Learn strategies to shift from a negative emotional state to a positive one in half a minute with a 30-second circuit breaker
  4. Discover the GAP method to create strong neural pathways and habits that replace unhealthy or bad habits with behaviours for the outcome you desire
  5. Which new habits to form: identifies the key areas of habit and an opportunity to set some goals regarding new habits you’d like to take into 2018!


If you’re ready to kick those bad habits before the New Year, register NOW to join me in a city nearest you by clicking on the image below or Register your interest HERE



BONUS – If the event goes ahead and you attend, you will receive a FREE eCopy of my new Book ‘TRACTION – The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance’